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10 Tips to Successfully Changing Careers

Are you ready for a career change? Not sure where to start or maybe what you even want to do?

Try these tips to successfully make a career change and create the outcomes you desire.

1.   Don’t make yourself the biggest obstacle. Sometimes we allow our limiting beliefs stop us from making a change. Change your mindset that this is about creating new opportunities and finding you again professionally. Don’t fear it, embrace it.

2.   Make a list of what you do like and don’t like about your current position. What are things about your current company and position that you enjoy and would like to have in your next position? Then create a list of what isn’t working. It might be your company, the people, your position or your boss. Maybe you want to change professions and make a complete transition or be your own boss.

3.   Consider your values. Perhaps you are a people person, but you spend your days working from home surrounded by no one. A position helping others directly might be more to your liking. List your values and consider careers that dovetail with them. Make sure your core values align with what you truly want to do.

4.   Research your options. Evaluate several alternatives and options that interest you. Do a comparative analysis through googling various jobs online. Reach out to individuals in those fields and see if you can set up informational interviews to gain insight access.

5.   Learn. If you’re planning a significant change, you’ll probably need to learn a few new skills. You might even need to go back to school or take a course online to gain more expertise in a specific task. Do some research on what skills you need to acquire to make the transition.

6.   Set goals. Know what you want and put your vision to paper. Then create actionable goals to move toward your vision. Consider a coach who can help you create an actionable plan and preparation to obtain your vision.

7.   Network. Applying for an existing opening that is known to the public is like trying to win the lottery. Your best bet is to leverage the people you know. Attend conferences and networking events. Join online groups that share similar interests.

8.   Develop a timeline. Your current position probably takes up a great deal of your time. Budget time into your week to specifically focus on working on your goals to obtain that dream job. Be realistic and set accountable due dates for each step in the process.

9.   Be willing to take a step back. You might have to take a demotion or a pay cut in order to change careers. Sometimes, it’s necessary to take a small step back to eventually take a greater step forward.

10. Be patient. Finding your new path can be challenging. Changing out of your current field can be daunting at first. It will take some patience and persistence in the pursuit but the end result will be your dream job.

It’s worth the effort to find a job that you love. After all, you spend 40 plus hours each week doing it. Take the time to develop clarity in what you want and set the goals needed to achieve it.