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7 Daily Habits of Outstanding Leaders

Would you like to become an outstanding leader in your business or organization?  Use this checklist as a reminder of the important leadership-building skills you can cultivate on your personal development journey.

This checklist involves personal and professional tasks to create that peak performance for success.  See if you can check off most of these.

1.         Make your bed

  •     Establish a morning routine that gets you ready for your day
  •     Establish a nightly routine to sleep soundly and prepare you for the next day


2.   Act according to your values

  •     Clarify your values and belief system
  •     Make decisions based on your values and belief system


3.   Be creative

  •     Write – daily journal – carry a notebook to jot ideas when they spark
  •     Learn something new outside your comfort zone
  •     Be flexible – let go of expectations and control and keep an open mind


4.   Practice mindfulness

  •   Practice mindfulness meditation – focus on your breath
  •   Make time for mindfulness activities, like coloring or nature walks
  •   Integrate mindfulness into your daily routines


5.   Trust others

  •    Delegate
  •    Empower your team
  •    Encourage innovation
  •    Give direction and allow others to take action without babysitting

6.   Be authentic

  •    Live according to your values
  •    Practice compassion – for yourself and others
  •    Communicate clearly: listen, pay attention to your body language, understand what you need to communicate

7.   Exercise

  •   Mental health: do exercises that lift your mood, try something new
  •   Physical health: find exercises that build your strength, fitness, and discipline and that you enjoy. Remember to change      it up so boredom does not set in