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Are you Triggering Collaboration as a Leader?

Good leaders, motivate, great leaders, engage.

As an impactful leader in your business or organization, it is key to make collaboration a priority. This involves engaging your people to share and provide the necessary constructive feedback to thrive.

Key benefits include:

  • A clear focus on common goals
  • Creativity through ideas contributed
  • New founded clarity through hearing another viewpoint
  • Solutions appear quicker with more minds working

It is a leader’s role to ensure that collaboration is being triggered on a regular basis to reap these benefits.

As an impactful leader, self-reflect if you are triggering collaboration by asking yourself the following:

  • How do I go about giving everyone an equal opportunity to lead?
  • When is it time for me to take the lead in a team effort?
  • How often do team efforts result in the desired outcome?
  • Am I controlling everything or inspiring others to work as a team?
  • Do I focus on direct reports when communicating or the entire team?
  • Is risk-taking rewarded even if outcomes were not as expected?
  • Am I ensuring a steady stream of communication to pass through everyone to facilitate better decision making?
  • Do I encourage constructive feedback on a regular basis for growth?
  • Do I cultivate relationships everywhere and support active networking?

Do not be discouraged if some of these questions are no.  Building collaboration as a leader requires that willingness to relinquish control emotional intelligence and moving toward a mindset of collaborative processes. Through actively self-reflecting if this is occurring, you will continually take initiative and act in a manner that collaboratively contributes to achieving the overall vision you set out for your organization or business.