Create a Vision Board and Reach Your Goals

A vision board can be a wonderful tool for reminding yourself about your goals each day. It is a collage of words and pictures that represent your dreams and goals for your business and life, and if utilized correctly can bring those goals and visions to reality.

What makes a vision board work is the vision that you create with the board. This is where you will enable yourself to keep your goals right in front of you with clear visualization. 

Using a vision board also associates positive feelings with the achievement of your goals and creates powerful intentions toward those goals. 

Create a vision board that works for you:

There are so many ways to create one and no one rule applies. Google vision boards and you will find endless possibilities. While there are many visual board kits you can buy online, it is as simple as starting with poster board, cardboard, corkboard, dry erase board and tack it up on a wall. Even a clothes line and clips to get started. Creating a visual notebook is great, especially if you are looking to travel with it.

To start:

  1. Decide on your goals. This is often the most challenging part. For best effect, limit yourself to a few goals and add on as you progress with the visualizations.Ask these simple questions, what do you want? What do you need? What do you value? The vision board should integrate both professional and personal goals and be aligned.Some examples, a trip you want to take, a new home, a job change, a car, start a business, create a new product or service, or try something completely out of your comfort zone that will challenge you.
  2. Locate images that depict or symbolize the future you’d like to achieve. A picture is worth 1,000 words. There are plenty of sources for images: photographs, magazines, the internet, and more. If you see something, take a picture on your phone and print it.
    • Find pictures that best represent the goals you wish to achieve. If you’re striving for a new car, find the exact model and color. When you look at the photo, you should get the same feeling you get when you think about the goal. All your pictures should represent your desired feeling and not bring out any negative emotion. Create the vision!
  3. Choose the best words to go on your vision board. A suitable word might be “Porsche” or “Honolulu.”Find specific words that match your intentions. Keep the words focused and positive. Consider how you’ll feel when the goal is achieved: “Excited,” “Grateful,” “Proud.” What qualities will you need to achieve these goals? “Committed,” “Powerful,”  “Confident” or maybe “Optimistic.”
  4. Mount the words and photos on your vision board. Get out your scissors, glue, or tape. Arrange everything in a way that pleases you.The creation of a vision board is fun, simple, and easy. You might even enjoy the process.


Using your vision board is just as important as creating it:


  1. Keep your vision board where you’ll see it at least twice each day. This should be part of your daily routine to sustain that motivation. On the nightstand is a great location. You’ll see it in the morning and at night. If you’re comfortable doing so, you could mount it on the bathroom mirror.Take a picture of it on your phone so you have it with you.
  2. Spend a few minutes each morning using your vision board. This can set the tone for the rest of your day. Reminding yourself of your goals each morning will point your brain in the right direction. This is what will drive into your mind at a more subconscious level. It’s then your job to seize those opportunities.
    • Look at each word and picture on the board. Take your time and visualize having those things in your life.
    • Make a call to action list to achieve this. Don’t start big, but place steps in place to achieve that goal and vision. Ensure the call to actions are intrinsic to you. Remember, you cannot make others do things, but only control what you want to create within yourself.
  3. Using your vision board before bed is just as important. Your brain is highly active while you sleep. Part of your brain will spend all night trying to make your vision board a reality. This again will stimulate your brain and emotions to a more subconscious level.Your brain spends all night churning away, trying to find solutions to your requests. Give your brain the information it needs. Look at the items on your vision board and imagine possessing them. Experience how that feels.
  4. Self-Regulate. Often, limiting beliefs or roadblocks set in and we become discouraged. This is normal.Do monthly reviews of what is working and not working to get you there.Ensure that you adjust your plan of action to move through this at least once a month.


Give it a few months and see for yourself how well it works. This is not an overnight fix, and some goals may come quickly and others much longer, but the key is staying focused and self-aware of the adjustments needed to get there.