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Create Higher Levels of Productivity and Performance Just by Doing 3 Things

Don’t we all want to create those higher levels of productivity and performance daily to successfully implement all our goals and visions?

But, then we get stuck, fall off the path of productivity and lose our prioritization.

Try these 3 things to have continuous productivity to reach your desired outcomes:

  1. Stop the Octopus Syndrome: Stop trying to juggle many things at once. Understand you are not the jack of all trades. Don’t become a generalist trying to manage and do everything.

You may have a lot of great ideas, or changes you want to implement, but are you aligning them with your vision and goals? Prioritize what is the most important thing you should be focused on instead of having a hit list of many.

Say NO to those other tasks that do not align with those targeted goals. Stay focused on what is going to create productivity and profitability for your business.

Evaluate. In simple terms, is the task creating an opportunity or distraction?

Eliminate the distractions first. Then prioritize the opportunities that will realistically get you to your end goal.

  1. Understand the Process of Prioritization: Often we feel overwhelmed, which then leads us away from applying clear emotional intelligence to the prioritization of our tasks. We then move away and become distracted with other things that do not maintain those peak performance levels.

So how is this cycle broken?

Make a list of everything you want to accomplish. Ask yourself “If I can only do 3 of these things, what is most important to create the success?”  Place your emotions and fear aside, and simply consider those 3 things. If achieved, would they get you closer to your vision and goal?

  1. Delegate: Let go of trying to control every step and work hard to continuously delegate. Ask yourself, “If I had to push 70% of this work out to someone else and had no choice, what would I delegate out?”

Once you determine this, delegate and let it go. Trust the process and shift your mindset that the work may not be completed using your methods, but the same result still can be achieved.

To delegate effectively: Make sure you surround and hire people who are intelligent, energized employees who share your vision. Then empower them and provide consistent open communication and feedback on their successes as well as where they need to improve. This process is worth the investment because it will lead you to free up time to work on more important priorities.

These three shifts sound simple right?

Yes, if you commit yourself to practice this each day. Reevaluate your priorities every 2-3 months and revise accordingly.

As leaders, we are aware change is continuous, so it is necessary to refocus priorities as needed.  Sometimes fires need to be put out and we have to shift focus. Recognize this and be self-aware to be able to jump back into this process and to continue down a successful path of obtaining your goals.