Event and Keynote Speaking Engagements

Are we reaching our fullest potential in everything we do as leaders in our careers, businesses and life?

Caryn Ross will show you how to ignite your mindset to create your own aha moments that will lead your business or organization into higher levels of productivity, profitability with solution focused results.


A Champion Leader Mindset to Ignite and Deliver for Success

Mindset for Success - Whether you are a high performing entrepreneur or leader in your organization,this presentation will cultivate and grow your value and purpose by building that mental toughness. Geared toward result drivers who are interested in breaking sale ceilings, wanting to have adaptability to future external trends, create healthier client experiences and collaborations while increasing bottom line profits for their business.  Infuse your business or organization with the right amount of change momentum you seek while driving profitability and peak performance.

Presence is Essence to Lead and Empower

Presence in your personal and professional roles is a fundamental key to take your business or organization to the next level.  How we develop our presence through confidence, composure, credibility, connection, and charisma is what will drive you to your highest successes. Presence involves cultivating the mindset of a true leader in your day to day operations which will enable you to command respect and make those concise decisions that lead to transformation both professionally and personally to reach your desired outcomes.

This presentation will share some simple strategies that can influence people’s impression of you and instantly increase your presence for your business and profitability while understanding  how emotional intelligence plays a pivotal role in the essence of your business.

Are you dialed in correctly? Are you listening?

Today, more than ever, we are all running against the noise from the radio station WiiFM (What’s in it for ME). It seems that the art of listening often falls to the wayside. What if the real issue is we are not talking the right language? This presentation is all about the two-way communication channel that is often forgotten, the listening and engagement piece. You will come away from this session tuned into the WiiFM station from both sides and armed with fresh strategies for improved productivity, higher employee retention and engagement as well as leveraging your total client experience just through listening.

Self-Love and Confidence - The Win-Win Secret to Lead, Empower and Transform as Women

We all know that pretty much everyone can empower, influence and call others to take positive actions with the right champion mindset and winning strategies, right?  What most people do not realize is there is a poorly understood secret that when utilized correctly, gives women an enormous advantage. That secret is called self-love.

Come learn self-awareness, self-love, and care that will change how you stay present, productive, on purpose in life and work. Take away three keys that you can refer to over and over to help your mindset shifts.

We will dive into the importance of each and their value to your life, business, customers, and employees to strengthen your ability to communicate them with intention to get those driven results you seek.


My Aha moment is helping others learn how their mindset can accelerate their business or organization into higher levels of performance and productivity.

Request Caryn Ross at your next event or conference to deliver inspirational and dynamic strategies and resources to propel your audience into the next level of peak performance and productivity in their business, organization and life.


    Caryn is a powerful and dynamic speaker who takes her audience on a journey of self-discovery in leadership, confidence, and self-awareness.  Caryn leaves her audience empowered and inspired with useful tips and tools to create their best in their career and life!

    - Sharla Brown- Founder at One Woman

    Caryn provided in-depth insights, as well as, actionable and practical tools. We treasure her contributions and time with us at the Women Executive Leadership Conference. Her presence helped to make this event a great success, and Caryn’s enthusiasm and positive spirit helped make the summit both productive and fun.

    – Women Executive Leadership Summit


    Caryn Ross was an excellent addition as a speaker for our Global Entrepreneurship and Business Conference held in Toronto this April.  Her presentation on leadership was energetic and engaging. Our attendees gained some valuable tools and strategies to manage their businesses as true leaders. In addition, we had a change in our chairperson last minute, and Caryn extended herself to assist with organizing the speakers and keeping to schedule our first day. This was above and beyond what was required and we were thankful for offering her assistance.

    Bijay Patro – Organizer of the Global Entrepreneurship and Business Summit


    Caryn was the perfect speaker for Babes In Business. The women loved all the relatable advice she had to offer.  She gave solid tips on how to strategize & grow your company.  When it came time to run a giveaway for her book, Babes were jumping at the chance to enter and win!

    - Jenn Chavez

    Caryn is an excellent speaker and knows how to inspire others in her presentations to drive productivity and developing a purpose-driven mindset. As the world is changing fast, by following her tips and coaching many more can successfully navigate change. 

    - Danielle- Women Executive Leadership Summit

    Caryn Ross is an assertive an engaged communicator. She effectively delivered on our Power Panel at ETTWomen’s Power of Connections conference. Her advice was actionable, to the point, and helped motivate our audience through the entire weekend and beyond.

    - Vanessa Coppes