What is career mindset coaching?

Career Mindset Coaching is all about you, your life, your business, and your career. Every great entrepreneur or leader has their own true superpowers and together, we will work to unlock yours and build strategies to unleash your true potential and achieve your greatest success.

We will work together to help you to manage your drive, goals and mental approach toward your life, business or organization to drive productivity, impactful relationships and greater calls to actions.

I will not tell you how to do it but will help you to rewire your business and personal mindset and unleash your full potential to help you achieve your professional and personal goals and eliminate the self-limiting obstacles and blind spots that are in the way.

How Do I know if I Need a Coach?

You may feel like your life and your career seems to be moving along ok, but you know something is missing or you just seem a bit stuck or you are just starting out and what to position yourself toward success with confidence.

If that feels like you, the best investment you can make is in yourself! The key to your success is your willingness to transform, get a little uncomfortable and unlock what may be blocking you from reaching your highest potential, both professionally and personally.

I will help you to:

  • Understand how and why you’re stuck and then help you to unstick your mind
  • Develop clear goals and action plans to create the outcomes you desire
  • Prioritize goals and tasks
  • Build authentic leadership skills to create higher levels of success in your career and life
  • Build self-confidence and presence with a clear brand that sells
  • Provide accountability and help you to follow through on your plan
  • Maintain high motivation so you can sustain peak performance
  • Develop clear job search strategies, resources and tools to create the career you deserve
  • Create a work/life balance

How do we meet?

All sessions are held via a zoom session, however, if you are in the NYC / Philadelphia / New Jersey area one-on-one sessions can be arranged. Just fill out the scheduling form to make an appointment so we can begin our journey.

When can we meet?

A flexible calendar is available to meet your needs. Evening and day sessions are available.

How often do we meet?

There is flexibility with this, but I encourage that our meetings are held at least every other week so there is not too much time in between. The sessions run one hour in length, but if requested we can do two sessions back to back.

In addition, you can email or text during your entire program for continuous support.

What do I need to prepare for my sessions?

Clear tools and resources will be provided to you for preparation of the sessions with enough time to prepare. It will not take long, but they will provide you with a clear direction for each meeting. These tools will be applicable to your needs so you can obtain optimal growth and productivity during the session. Everything is simple and easy to follow and quick to complete.

Which program is right for me?

Great news. We will schedule a 20-minute complimentary session to discuss what kinds of sessions are right for you and a schedule that fits your busy lifestyle, in a way that supports your ongoing success.

I invite you to schedule a complimentary, 20-minute, no pressure, discovery session to discuss how I can help you create your success with a new business mindset.