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Hi, my name is Caryn Ross. The Aha Ignitor

I’m a passionate career mindset coach, certified life coach author, and speaker focused on connecting people to their inner strengths - igniting their mindset to discover their own Aha Moments and create a life of purpose, passion and higher success in their careers and life.

Do you know our thoughts are what drives us to higher or lower levels of action and results in our professional and personal lives? These thoughts either create growth or stagnate it.

Do you want your career and life to keep in the direction of a focused champion mindset that reflects the future you desire to build and sustain that growth?

If you said yes, then all it takes is mindset shifts and career strategies to align and achieve all your desired outcomes to reach your highest potential.

Some things to expect from the complimentary consultation:

  • Learn to recognize your blind spots and limiting behaviors that can stagnate growth
  • Learn to get your mind unstuck and transition more smoothly
  • Learn to build resilience
  • Learn to lead your business and life with purpose and greater satisfaction
  • Learn how this will increase bottom line results

If these are some of the things you would like to achieve from our time together, then I would like to offer you a complimentary 20-minute session to see if this is a right fit for you.

Here's How It Works

We begin with a brief questionnaire to figure out your strengths and challenges to identify what to focus on to reach your desired outcomes and goals with the highest success.

Then We Meet Up, One-on-One

We will  have a face to face 20 minute zoom call to review your questionnaire and explore what is the pathway to become the best version of yourself both professionally and personally.

The focus for the session is you! Building toward your next level of success by:

  • Helping you to get clarity of your vision and determine goals with clear strategies and development
  • Discover what limiting beliefs may be holding you back to reach all your desired outcomes to obtain higher levels of productivity, profitability and create higher patterns of success
  • Learn what you need in place to create that winning mindset and higher level of success and balance in your business, career and life.

What's The Catch?

There Is No Catch.

This is not a "sales call in disguise"

The complimentary consultation call I set up for you, will be personalized for you and will help you to shift your mindset, find your own Aha Moments, and as a result, increase your business potential.

If at the end of the call, you feel it’s not  for you, I’ll give you a free PDF copy of my best selling book, “The Key to Being a Highly Successful Woman” as a parting gift.

No pressure either way. I want this to be a great experience for you!,

So if you are ready to start working on your most important investment - yourself, then I look forward to helping you. Let’s find your Aha Moments together.  This is about you connecting to your inner-strengths and unleashing your personal power to achieve higher levels of productivity, profitability and purpose in your business and life.

Isn’t it time to create your aha moments and build that roadmap to success, balance, and happiness?

Enter your name and email address below and let’s get started.

If you are ready to position yourself to success in your career and life

This is your invitation to get started and create your aha moments, unstick and transform with limitless boundaries.


    Caryn is a great coach! She helped me understand my personal motivations for my focus areas, which helped me get back to my peak performance. Her high energy holistic approaches helped me to see what I needed to do to get unstuck. She understood my pain points and offered opportunities to help me develop a solid plan of action with clear resources, tools, and strategies. I'm so happy and grateful that I have found Caryn and her guidance has been priceless.

    - Josephine Sigua-Tabije


    Caryn delivers a unique pedagogy to career coaching. Her advice and support is helpful for individuals looking to make a career change, but imperative to those who are still trying to "figure things out."
    You walk away with a pocket of strategies that last a lifetime!

    - William D. - Client


    It takes courage to make a change, but having Caryn coach me and change my career mindset away from fear and into a career I would excel at changed everything. Now I am starting a whole new career path based on her assistance, goal setting, and job search strategies.

    I was hesitant at first, but the best investment is in yourself and Ms. Caryn Ross' helps you realize your potential. If you're confused or seem lost in your career, she is the best person to ask for help.

    - Ian Borthwick – Client