Group Coaching

Group Coaching - For Your Business and Mindset

Create the Success and Life you are meant to be living with the right support, coaching, resources and guidance to address your challenges and scale into higher success.

In this 2-month group coaching program, we will give you the keys to unlock your true potential. During this process you will learn how to unstick your minds (mental blocks preventing your success) and how to discover your own Aha Moments - those moments of inner inspiration, when the lights come on and your journey to success begins.

In a group setting, which takes place online, you will be empowered to create your own success stories, while being part of a supportive community of 6-10 fellow members sharing similar business challenges, experiences and learnings, with the goal of creating new opportunities together.

What you can expect from our group coaching sessions:

  • Each session will explore a specific topic designed to stimulate ideas, and action plans for your business.

  • All group sessions will have between 6-10 members to keep it intimate and personal, while having an opportunity to be an active member and have a voice that will shape the groups success.

  • All group sessions are confidential and will ensure a place of trust, build real collaborations and most important, create a safe place to express your frustrations, learnings and goals with me and with each other.

  • You will have an amazing opportunity to reshape your lives- a new opportunity to rebalance, self-reflect and rewire your mind to set new goals, create new opportunities and find your Aha Moments.

  • This will be an amazing opportunity to begin your new path to business and personal success.

The Ultimate Goal:

The end result is to enable you to find the resources, support and guidance you need to address the most challenging parts of your business or organization. In the process you will build your confidence, presence and leadership, while learning how to find balance in your work and personal life.

At the end of our sessions, you will have found a support system that will help you continue to build confidence, trust, authentic business and leadership skills - a support group that you can take with you long after the sessions are over.

Coaching Format and Schedule:

  • Two sessions per month.

  • Two types of themed group programs to choose from: for women entrepreneurs and women executives

  • Set dates and time for the two-month duration

  • Day and evening sessions are available to fit group needs

  • 1.5 hours zoom video calls per session

  • One private coaching session

  • Each group coaching session will start the first and third week of each month or second and fourth

  • A wide variety of specific topics will be tailored specific to the group participants based on your current challenges and opportunities

These are just a few Sample of Session Topics for Women Entrepreneurs:

  • The balance of work and personal goals and doing it with confidence

  • Cultivating a champion mindset for your business

  • Creating a vision and not just goals for your business – Big and Little Me

  • Time management and Setting Boundaries

  • The importance of presence in your business – your image sells

  • How confidence and self-love of yourself as a woman will grow your business

These are just a few sample session topics for Executive Women:

  • Understanding your superpowers as a leader and cultivate them with a champion mindset

  • Are you a manager or leader

  • Building a positive culture and collaborations that impact your bottom line results

  • Create a stronger executive presence

  • Dealing with difficult employees and turning them into successes


Are you ready to create your Aha moments and unleash your fullest potential in your business or career in a supportive confidential group who share similar opportunities and struggles?

Signup below for more information on the benefits and returns that group coaching can bring to your business or career to unlock your highest potential and scale to increase productivity, profitability and balance.


    Caryn Ross is an amazing consultant who was recommended to me. I own a small business and needed guidance from another view on how to improve operations and fix things I was not realizing was going on. After a few works I already see an increase in sales and improved productivity by utilizing her strategies.

    - David Molnar


    Caryn provided in-depth insights, as well as, actionable and practical tools. We treasure her contributions and time with us at the Women Executive Leadership Conference. Her presence helped to make this event a great success, and Caryn’s enthusiasm and positive spirit helped make the summit both productive, informative and entertaining.

    - The Evonia Group
    Women Executive Leadership Summit