Growth Mindset – Is this a key to Success in Your Career and Business

Do you know that mindset shifts are highly instrumental in so many areas of your success, from your ability to lead others, manage culture to establishing impactful relationships and collaborations?  So what mindset are you, fixed or growth?  And how do you even know?

Carol Dweck, author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, termed growth vs mixed mindset and how it impacts an individual’s confidence and beliefs in their abilities and talents and basically how they lead their life.

The premise of this theory is that a fixed mindset is believed to be exactly what it says, fixed, and really cannot change as we progress. This involves how we think with a notion that our intelligence, character, and creativity are fixed and cannot be changed significantly.

A growth mindset is a belief that we have the ability to adapt and grow and by making effort, acquiring training, and having the determination to grow and develop into higher successes.

For example, a fixed mindset may say when struggling with learning a new math computation, “My brain is not wired to think mathematically” and someone with a growth mindset would say “What additional resources can I utilize to help me with this?” with the premise that determination will provide the results they desire.

When you embrace the growth mindset in your workplace and businesses, this will influence the outcomes of everything around you. You will be open to taking on new projects, receiving feedback constructively, open to new learnings and growth, and even manage your employees toward higher successes.

Think about it. Those who embrace a fixed mindset are less likely to feel their employees are capable of growth, so they may indirectly make moves to challenge them less. However, embracing a growth mindset, you will be open to creativity, development, and feel comfortable given the proper constructive feedback to encourage growth.

While we may not entirely fall on one end of the spectrum here, it is worth identifying which side you favor more and then trying to develop into a more growth mindset.

The best way to begin the journey into a growth mindset is to ask yourself the following questions below and work on your reactions if you fall more into a fixed mindset.

Can you overcome that confidence or self-doubt that often swings us back into the fixed mindset mode?

Ask yourself how you rate in each of the following categories to identify where you can challenge yourself to develop a more growth mindset which will lead to higher levels of success:


Fixed mindset: Innate abilities determine success.
Growth mindset: Work ethic and effort drive success.


Fixed mindset: Feedback is a sign of failure.
Growth mindset: Feedback is an opportunity to grow and improve


Fixed mindset: Skills are set and unchangeable.
Growth mindset: New skills can be learned with hard work, effort, and training.


Fixed mindset: Intimidated or threatened by other people’s success.
Growth mindset: Inspired by successful people or projects.


Fixed mindset: Failure means you’re not capable.
Growth mindset: Failure is a chance to learn from your mistakes for the next attempt.


Fixed mindset: Avoids difficult challenges or tasks.
Growth mindset: Embraces challenges as an opportunity to learn and develop.