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How to Get Your Resume to the Front of the Pile

Ask yourself this one question, is your resume landing you that first interview? Are you being getting to the front of that pile for review?

To write a resume these days you need to squeeze yourself into one page, check off all the required keywords, and avoid saying anything that might get you screened out from those Applicant Tracking Systems.

On top of that, potential employers still want to know who candidates really are and if they will be a good fit for their organization.

The content of your resume is crucial to selling your strengths and identifying you.  Below highlights some content tips to consider when crafting a resume.

Content Tips:

  1. Tell stories. Why settle for saying you’re energetic when you can use a real-life example that shows your strengths in action? Edit your accomplishments and career summary to include some interesting anecdotes or metrics that make you step out of other candidates. Focus on a summary statement or list of qualifications that sell your unique strengths.
  1. Highlight your soft skills – there are key SEO words that potential employers seek outside your skillset in your energy. Some soft skill examples include you are a problem solver, a team collaborator, a quick learner, analytical. Research what these soft skills are for your industry and make sure you highlight these throughout your resume so you become searchable.
  2. Focus on recognition. Reinforce your point by mentioning what others say about you. Drop-in a testimonial from a former boss or client. List your honors and awards.
  3. Use metrics and numbers. Create a vivid and specific image by quantifying your track record. Tell how many employees you’ve supervised, how much time you’ve saved, dollar cost savings, improvements, increased following or marketing based efforts, quicker processes, retention rates are just a few examples.
  4. Include skills and training. Your proficiency with computer software or foreign languages may give you an advantage. Make it memorable by adding in some background on how you stay current, whether it’s summer travel or additional training and certifications you acquired.
  1. Describe interests. Personal interests that are relevant to the industry or skillset required..
  2. Report your volunteer work. Community service will impress any progressive organization, and suggest your values. Record the hours you’ve spent building homes or answering phones, coaching a team, sitting on a board of a nonprofit, etc.

Personalizing your resume helps you stand out and find a career path and not just a job. Take a few extra minutes to include some details that will tell hiring managers you stand out and highlight those key skills that they are asking for on the job description if needed to further amplify your resume presence.