The increasing popularity of the internet and the growth of mobile devices gives businesses another avenue to target potential clients and improve their results. Text message marketing has become one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods used by businesses to communicate with customers. It’s not really surprising, considering the fact that texts have a 98% open rate, while emails only have 20% to 30%. Mailers are seldom read and only offer a 1% return.

Since 60% of potential customers view websites through their mobile device, texting is a great way to engage customers and increase participation rates. Texting can play an important role when communicating with customers. It can be a powerful supplemental marketing tool, especially if you’re running a business that requires you to interact with customers quickly or in real time. How do you know if texting is a good means of communication for your business? Consider the following points:

Convey Your Message
Texting is one of the best ways to convey your message to existing and potential customers. You can communicate your sales promotions, new services or products and the latest news about your business through text. It opens the conversation and allows you to follow up through setting up meetings and phone conversations. You can include links to your product pages and websites or whatever call to action you want in your text message. Think of what you could include in your message to attract customers and encourage them to text you with questions about your service or product.

Quicker Response
You want to communicate with your customers efficiently and one of the best ways to do this is through texting. Almost 1/3 to 1/2 sales goes to the merchant who responds first and almost half of this percentage go with who spoke them first. Texting is the fastest way to communicate with your customers and gain an edge over your competitors.

Better Client Experiences
Customers prefer receiving texts than getting calls. They are not put on hold or directed to some automated voicemail before reaching the right person. All they need is a simple text that provides the answer to their questions and gives them your contact details. Customers who are not available during normal business hours can communicate with you based on their schedules. This flexibility often results in securing more online leads.

Establish Stronger Customer Relationships
Building strong customer relationships promotes faster growth. Sending a personal text note to a customer gives you the additional personal touch that sets you apart from your competitors. This can help you build trust and encourage customers to connect with you. Texting is now viewed as a more personal way of communicating over emails. People enjoy getting texts about promotions, sales or information about a certain issue they’re trying to resolve. People who receive the texts want them. Text messages also serve as a great reminder to your customers. When used correctly, texting can increase sales by as much as 20%.

Flexible Conversations
Short quick conversations can help you get an immediate response from customers. Such conversations are convenient when you need customers to take the next step to complete a deal. Group texting allows you to hold multiple conversations. This allows all parties to participate and find resolutions together. It also prompts faster call to actions.

Target Millennials
You can determine specific groups who will get your messages. Millennials are one of the biggest users of texting, making them a key market when it comes to promoting your business. Texting allows you to choose the demographics you want to target and appeal to customers who use texting to communicate on an ongoing basis.

Just remember that texting shouldn’t replace a more personalized email, phone call or meeting that builds and improves customer relationships for the long term. Consider it as a supplemental communication tool to encourage customers to do business with you. If you don’t know which method of communication is preferred by your target customers, all you need to do is ask. Hearing their reasoning will give you a clearer idea about how you can connect with them. You can then tailor your approach to specific customers. Make sure that your message answers their answers in a personal communicative style that fits their exact needs or requests.


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